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Who We Are

thumb-holisticFounded in 2009, Bamboo 72 Acupuncture + TCM is the Upper Ottawa Valley’s first clinic devoted to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Named after the plant that most strongly symbolizes the strength and resiliency of the human body, Bamboo 72 Acupuncture + TCM offers traditional healing and preventative medicine for residents of the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

Our Staff

Bamboo 72 Acupuncture + TCM has recently joined Deep River Family Chiropractic in downtown Deep River. Alongside a Certified Chiropractor and a Registered Massage Therapist, Bamboo 72 is pleased to be part of a team that is able to offer all of these modalities under one roof. This holistic healthcare centre has fostered a strong bond with other referring practitioners in the valley, as its mindset of total mind and body wellness is exactly what many people seek.


Lesley Levinski
Registered Acupuncture
Founder, Bamboo 72

As a native of Deep River, Ontario, Lesley grew up enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer for mind and body. For as long as she can remember, she has known that she was meant to commit herself to cultivating health, both within herself and in her community.

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Jon Stephenson

Dr. Jon Stephenson
Certified Chiropractor
Founder, Deep River Family

Jon was born and raised in nearby Pembroke. For him, the choice to practice in Deep River was a natural fit. What he enjoys most about practicing in a small community is the ability to truly get to know his patients. In this way, Jon can gain insight into people’s individuality and find a path to treatment that most effectively addresses their concerns.

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Meghan McVicar

Meghan McVicar
Registered Massage Therapist
Deep River Family Chiropractic

The human body has been a strong interest of Meghan’s ever since she was a teenager. Because being involved in sports and staying active have always seemed to take priority in her life, pursuing massage therapy was an easy career decision for Meghan to make.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 

- Lao-tzu

TCM Healing Techniques

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Heat therapy (Moxibustion)
  • Natural Herbs and Nutrition
  • Acupressure
  • Lifestyle Counseling
  • Gua Sha
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Acutonics/Ear Acupuncture
  • Auricular Therapy
  • Ear Seeds/Tacks
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Facial Rejuvenation
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“I can’t recommend Bamboo 72 enough. Not only is Lesley very knowledgeable, but they also genuinely care about their patients and will do everything they can to get you feeling well again!”

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