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I had an amazing experience with Lesley. I had acupuncture treatments with her to prepare my body for pregnancy, which I believe played a big part in how easily it happened for us. I then had treatments throughout my pregnancy to help keep baby and me healthy and strong. I had a great pregnancy. I felt great and loved every minute of it—except for the swelling, which Lesley was able to give me relief from with her treatments! Once it was obvious that baby was ready for this world, I visited Lesley to help induce my labour. That was on a Monday, and by Tuesday night I could tell that something was happening, and my sweet baby girl was born Wednesday afternoon. I gave birth at home, and had the privilege of having Lesley come to my house and do acupuncture on me to help with the pain and with bringing baby down—not to mention the comfort and reassurance that I felt by simply having her there! It was truly an amazing experience all around. I can't wait to do it all again someday soon for baby #2!


In our town of Deep River, we refer to Lesley as the Miracle Worker.  She is one of the few qualified Traditional Chinese acupuncturists in this area.  During my first appointment, she was able to pinpoint immediately what was happening with me physically and emotionally and I was able to discontinue all my medications. Within a couple of weeks, all my symptoms disappeared.  By continuing to see Lesley every month to six weeks, I am able to keep my physical and emotional well being balanced.  In other words, my yin and yang are in sync with one another.

Mr. and Mrs. W.

We have been Lesley's clients since she opened her practice in Deep River and, both having several health issues, feel we have benefited greatly from her care. She recommended dietary changes which reversed an IBS condition in less than a month, and pre and post hip surgery acupuncture treatments helped significantly and enabled the use of Tylenol only for pain relief while in hospital. We have also taken advantage of the availability of several herbal teas and supplements and Lesley's expertise in recommending them. We feel very fortunate to have this first-class treatment option available locally.


My hot flashes had become unbearable!  But I didn’t want to use HRT, since I felt that the flashes were all part of a phase that my body was supposed to go through, and I wanted to get through it as naturally as possible.  So I thought I would give acupuncture a try, and I’m so glad I did. After my first visit to Bamboo 72, I immediately felt different—and I could sleep through the night, which was a huge bonus. After a couple of treatments, I stopped experiencing the melting-type of hot flashes. Sure, I still get a warm glimmer every once in a while, but I can live with those. I would highly recommend acupuncture treatment at Bamboo 72 to anyone.


Up until last year, I was being put out of commission every four to six weeks or so with a crippling cold. I knew that something was wrong, but every time I went to my doctor, I found myself spending more time in the waiting room than I spent talking about my health. I had long given up on finding out why I was sick all the time.  And then I found Bamboo 72. It was almost overwhelming to suddenly realize that someone who had the potential to help me actually cared about my health. I didn’t feel rushed when I was there, and I was impressed by the very thorough intake assessment. It seemed too good to be true that Lesley could tell me what was going on in my body after just one visit... until her diagnosis was backed up by the results of a blood test that came in the following week! Since then, acupuncture has changed my life. My immune system is significantly stronger, and in the past year I have only gotten one cold—and that was when I had just returned from a trip and hadn’t had a treatment or eaten properly for five weeks. The cold didn’t hit as hard as before, and I was still able to continue my normal activities that I used to have to miss all the time, like work and my aerobics classes. I can’t recommend Bamboo 72 enough. Not only is Lesley very knowledgeable, but they also genuinely care about their patients and will do everything they can to get you feeling well again!

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