About Jon

Jon StephensonDr. Jon Stephenson
Certified Chiropractor
Founder, Deep River Family Chiropractic

Jon was born and raised in nearby Pembroke. For him, the choice to practice in Deep River was a natural fit. What he enjoys most about practicing in a small community is the ability to truly get to know his patients. In this way, Jon can gain insight into people’s individuality and find a path to treatment that most effectively addresses their concerns.

After graduating from Toronto’s Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1999, Jon was fortunate enough to be provided the opportunity to run a part-time chiropractic practice in Deep River. Shortly after that practice was transformed into a full-time business, Jon realized that he wanted to stay in Deep River. He purchased the practice the following year, and from that point forward it was known as Deep River Family Chiropractic.

He is very pleased to be practicing within a holistic multi-disciplinary setting, which he believes creates synergy for optimized healing of the body and mind. For Jon, the power of the mind/body connection cannot be understated.  The wellness model to which he adheres is based on helping patients to realize their fullest abilities by enhancing their healing and instilling the value of prevention. His focus remains on providing excellent care through numerous chiropractic techniques, as well as laser therapy, custom orthotic therapy, exercise prescription, and personal training.

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