About Meghan

Meghan McVicarMeghan McVicar
Registered Massage Therapist
Deep River Family Chiropractic

The human body has been a strong interest of Meghan’s ever since she was a teenager. Because being involved in sports and staying active have always seemed to take priority in her life, pursuing massage therapy was an easy career decision for Meghan to make. For her, attending Algonquin College in Ottawa was an amazing and informative three years. She has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist for the past three years, and according to her, “I absolutely love my career.”

Helping to improve her clients’ physical and mental health is of the utmost importance to Meghan. Since every client is different, each treatment is adjusted to what best suits their individual needs. Together with her clients, Meghan formulates a treatment plan and they set goals to address the client’s issues. Her approach tends to involve deep tissue techniques and a focus on trigger points.  Meghan recommends that clients come in for treatments every four to six weeks at a minimum, to allow the body and muscles to get into a routine of responding to deep tissue and muscle relaxation techniques.

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